Giant pumpkin vest

The Pumpkin Vest

If you have been following me on the website, you will know that I had 3 pumpkins growing this year. And that near the end of the season, I offered one of them to anyone that wanted it. There were no offers, so I left it.

My two biggest ones went to the competition, the bigger of the two came second with a weight of 207kg’s, which from not doing anything really this year, I was quite happy with it. The other one was used for pumpkin rolling, in which it took out a kid, check out the video in the last post.

So here I was with a pumpkin and no real plans for it. A guy at work had decided to make a pumpkin helmet with his small pumpkin, and then it dawned on me, I could do better.

Introducing the pumpkin vest.

Me Wearing the Giant Pumpkin vest I made

It took me 20 minutes to cut out the holes, and remove as much as possible to reduce the weight. I slid into it and realised I couldn’t stand with it on by myself, so I got the flatmate to help me stand with it on, and take the photo.

Because it was such a spur of the moment thing, I didn’t make a how to or take any other photos. Next year I will, and will include a helmet in the design.

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13 years ago

It’s an original ;0)

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