Seed Starting 2022 Season Part 2

You wait half the year for the giant pumpkin season to start. Then you start a bunch of seeds, they take ages to germinate.

You wonder what you are doing wrong. Why does everything take so long. When all you want is a pumpkin seedling right now.

Anyone else been going though this lately?

Maybe I’m Being Impatient

Seem to Be on Track Now

While there were delays waiting for seeds to grow, I seem to be on track. I think. Having backups and staggering when you start those really helped.

I would have liked to get the seedlings into the ground this long weekend, but I think it will be another week until they are ready. Which works out well as I have that weekend off, and won’t be feeling like I am constantly rushing.

Here’s The Seedlings I have Growing Now

1891 Harris – These things take forever to germinate and the success rate isn’t that good, in fact the rate has dropped a lot since last year I’ve been told.

1313 Harris – I have a couple of these on the go.

759 – I have one of these that’s looking good, not sure who the grower is or where I got this from, will need to work that out and decide if it’s a keeper.

Generic Giant Pumpkin Seed – There are 2 of these. I think they are from Tim’s pumpkins, but unknown which one. They look really good though.

Old Orange Pumpkin – This is a seed from the second pumpkin I ever grew, the one that I took to the very first great pumpkin carnival. Has to be around 12 years old. Took a while, but germinated.

How’s your season going?

Do you have plants in the ground already? Are things looking OK? Let me know.


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2 years ago

I just got my seeds on Friday, and three days later the first generic giant pumpkin seed has germinated. I am waiting on the 1891 and 1313, but they look to be on their way. So it will be a while before they are in the ground. My competitors bought seedlings from Mitre10 and got them in the ground right away (over a week ago) – so I am wondering if I am way too late!

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