Seed Starting 2022 Season Part 1

It’s seed starting time in this part of the world.

I started on the 29th September, about 6 days ago. Then I got super busy and finally edited the video. I’m still waiting for the seeds to pop. I checked my notes from last year and I had seeds germinating at day 5. These seeds still appear solid, and appear to have not rotted. I’ll keep you updated in the next post.

The Process

I talk about the seed starting process a lot over on the Seed Starting Page on the website, and I cover what I’ve been up to in this video.

This is the first part of seed starting, which is the germination stage. Once these seeds show growth (hopefully) then it is time to get them into a pot with seed raising mix and grow them into seedlings.


Things can go wrong, seeds won’t grow etc. So it is best to have back ups and stagger them. Even if all your backups grow, make sure to grow them into seedlings and then pick the best from there.

Give the rest away.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll let you know how the rest of it goes when the seeds decided to pop and grow.


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2 years ago

thanks from canada

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