Patch Update 29/09/2013 – More Digging + PH Soil Test

In between the showers and almost getting blown over by the crazy wind we keep getting I managed to dig the cover crop and any other green vegetation back into the ground, having the rotary hoe fixed sure did help with this, all it needed was a new diaphragm apparently.  Full steam ahead.

The cover crop will provide some green manure and nutrients to the seedlings.  I wanted to do it this weekend to give it a chance to build back some of the beneficial soil partnerships that happen on the microbial level.  As well as that I checked the PH level on my soil, something I probably should have done earlier on but better late then never I guess.  With no soil test being done this year (covered here why not) this really is the only test I’ll be doing so will be growing sort of blind.

The patch before and after

Patch before digging 9-13 1-23 PM.14

Patch dug up28-09-13 1-23 PM.4

Pumpkin Patch Update28-09-13 1-23 PM.5

So lots of green stuff all dug in, will probably also mean a lot of weeding to keep on top of things but I am feeling better about the weeding side of things this year.

PH Test

PH Testing of the soil is the most basic test you can do if you are to do any testing at all, you can easily do it yourself with a PH test kit, I’ve spoken all about it in this post and even have a video on it.

PH Test Results

And this is how it looked.  Pumpkins like having a PH level of between 6.5 and 7.0 with the range being less strict is the microbes in the soil have been working well with the roots.  So I am pretty happy with this level and think the plants should do well in it.

So that was what I got up to with giant pumpkin related stuff this weekend, how about you?  Did you get much done in your patch?  Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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