Miniature Pumpkins in a Pot

People can’t always grow giant pumpkins due to size restraints or they don’t want the pumpkin plant taking over the whole garden but there are many reasons to grow a giant pumpkin.

However for those people out there that can’t, I always recommend they should have a go at miniature pumpkins.  But sometimes even that gets met with the argument of I still don’t have much room for them either.  So I am trying something different this year:

Growing Miniature Pumpkins in a Pot

Something I haven’t done before and it is more of a trial then anything, but I thought I would put some miniature pumpkin seeds into a rather large pot and grow then in that.  The roots hopefully won’t get too root bound and it will produce some pumpkins.

Pot for miniatures

There isn’t too much to it, I just got a rather large pot we had laying around and filled it with some dirt and have put the seeds in, making sure to give them some water every now and then, I will find a semi shaded spot for them outside.

I’ll let you know the progress as the season goes on.

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