My End of Season 2016

So where to start.

Well…. it may be hard to believe but pumpkins giant and small end up being the last thing on my priority list when compared to other things in life, like family and health etc.

So the 2016 season was a bit dumb in general, the pumpkins and this site got neglected, which was never the plan.  And while the season is almost over I am getting back in the swing of things so on with the rest of this post.

My Pumpkins

I ended up with three this season one of them “giant” and the other two not so big.

End of Season Result (1 of 2)

End of Season Result (2 of 2)

I am going to make one small one into a pumpkin racer while I am unsure what to do with the other two.  The big one might be OK to enter into the “Most perfect pumpkin” category as it is looking quite nice.

None of the miniatures managed to grow, I’m not sure if it was because the seeds were a bit old, or if something got into the area and ate the seeds like the rats in the shed did many years ago.

What can be learnt from this

The big takeaway from this is that you CAN grow pumpkins in a very small area, and you can get something even if you do nothing.  So there is no excuse from your family or friends about growing either giants or miniatures.

Obviously, the more effort you put in the better the results will be.

Upcoming dates

Sunday the 3rd of April is The Great Pumpkin Carnival, still got a couple of things to sort out for that, but things are coming together well and it will be a great day.

Friday the 8th of April is the Te Kowhai School Harvest festival, which I will be presenting some awards and doing the judging the day before.

And on the 24th of April I happen to be in Christchurch which is also the day of The Little River Country Bumpkin Giant Pumpkin Festival so I will be making my way there and expect to see a bunch of photos from these events.

Make sure to send in any photos you have from any pumpkin event you have been to in 2016, I will put them all together in a newsletter and send them out late April/Early May.



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