New year, new blog post update

Hi there

Welcome to 2016, I hope Christmas and New Years was good, mine was pretty quiet but that is how I usually like it.

In this post, I will be updating how my plants are going (some better than others) and pointing out a few things you should be doing or thinking about, especially handy for all you new growers out there.

From previous posts you will know that I have a 1784 Glasier growing, a mitre 10 mega seed and a 2008 Neptune the first two are growing in the smallest possible area ever at my place and the 2008 Neptune plant is growing in a different location.

7th Jan Update03
The two plants at my place from upstairs

The 2008 isn’t doing so well compared to the other two, it does get regular watering and my next post after this will explain how that works, plus it is getting liquid nutrition from Agrifert products (although probably not as regular as it should be)

7th Jan Update02

Last year in the same area the plant looked much better, could this be purely down to genetics of the plant?  Lack of nutrients this year compared to last year?  Plant stress?  To be honest, it is probably a combination of all three.

The other two, on the other hand are going crazy in their tiny little area they are growing in.  The 1784 would have been awesome to have growing in a full sized patch.

I had to carefully look to see which plant this pumpkin actually belongs to, it is growing in the garden but which is not ideal, but unless another suitable one appears I will be leaving that on the vine, oh and it belongs to the Mitre 10 plant if you were wondering, which also had 3 female flowers all coming out from the same point, something I had not seen before.

7th Jan Update05

7th Jan Update07

As for the 1784 it has a pumpkin in a decent spot for the size of the plant and I am waiting for it to get to a “set” state.  Once it reaches roughly the size of a basketball, then I will start dead ending everything else to stop the growth.


Have a think about the shelter for your pumpkin, check out the shade page for more ideas about it.

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