Harris 561 Under the Grow Light

Seeds Have Germinated

So updating this thing when tired isn’t a good idea, I mistakenly started the wrong seed in the last post.  While the seed looks like an amazing giant pumpkin seed, the actual one I wanted to grow, the Harris 1740.5 is very average and white looking.

Started More Seeds

I started the Harris 1740.5 instead and that seed is awesome at germinating, you just look at it the right way it seems to pop.

Harris 1740.5 Germinated

I’ve ended up with two of those on the go, and interestingly enough the 1650 Werner seed which was the 2nd one I started finally started opening up and seems to be doing something, I thought I had a photo of it, but apparently, it wasn’t on the camera.  I’ve put that into a pot.

Harris 561 have emerged

Harris 561 Under the Grow Light

Harris 561 Under the Grow Light

I’m away from home until Sunday, so will have to see how everything looks when I get back and get a seedling out into the patch.

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