Giant Pumpkin Leaf Eaten

Leaves Have Been Eaten

My vine is growing in the wrong direction. Wrong might be a bit harsh. How about a different direction to what I’m used to.

Old direction

Previously my vine has grown out directly out of the tiny patch. It then turns when it gets to the wall and I get it to grow towards the front of the house.

Old Growth Plan for Giant Pumpkin Plant

New Direction

I’m sure I had the plant orientated the right way. Especially after telling so many people about it when selling seedlings.

But, the plant had other ideas. This coupled with a few busy days and wind pushing the plant. It appears it is now growing to the back of the house.

This means the main vine has more actual soil than it normally has.

The Plan

For the vine to grow in that direction I had to empty the blue drum full of water and the stand it sits on.

I haven’t really been using it as intended so no loss there.

I built a ramp of compost at the end of the tiny patch to help when the vine goes down to the ground. (Thanks Shane for the mention of this)

Ramp of Compost at end of Tiny Pumpkin Patch

New Growth Plan for Giant Pumpkin Plant

Next will be turning the vine to head back in the other direction. Will this work? I’m not sure. But whatever happens I’ll let you know.

Fast growth of the vine

The plant has kicked into gear and the vine is spreading out at a rapid speed. Hopefully yours is too.

Leaves being eaten

Some signs of something eating the plant appeared. This one leaf got badly eaten.

Giant Pumpkin Leaf Eaten

I got more supplies to combat any bugs that were eating the plant. Putting down a lot more snail and slug bait seems to have paid off.

McGergors Derris Dust Yates Blitzem Slug and Snail Pellets Kiwicare Natural Insect Hit

Slug and Snail Pellets around Giant Pumpkin Plant

I couldn’t see what was eating the leaves. But for now it seems to be under control.

I also have this one gross looking leaf on the plant. I think it’s from the guttering from the edge of the house continually dripping onto it.

Close up of gross leaf on the plant

Hopefully nothing else major.

While some of the first leaves look like they have had a hard life already. The new growth on the end is looking very good.

I even have the first of the female flowers appearing. The small ball at the bottom is a pumpkin.

Female Flower of Giant Pumpkin Plant

Bags of compost

I’ve started stockpiling bags of compost. With the tiny pumpkin patch not having much soil I need these to put vines into these during the season.

Big Value Compost Bags 40 Litres

Last year I used 4, this year I will be using a lot more to help provide nutrients to the plant to get a bigger pumpkin.

Burying Vines

As your pumpkins grow, burying the vines where the leaf comes off it is an important task. It helps anchor the plant down in case of wind. And more importantly it makes sure that the small tap root has soil to grow into.

This gives the plant another point to draw nutrients from.

Burying of Giant Pumpkin Vines

That’s it for this blog update.

Hows your season going? Leave a comment and let me know

If your on Facebook and grow in the Southern Hemisphere check out the Southern Hemisphere Giant Pumpkin Growers Group.


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