Goodbye Sweet Pumpkin & EP 10 of the Vlog

These last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of things happening around here.

I thought something was up when the pumpkin didn’t seem to be growing anymore, then I got busy with various things and there seemed to be a lot of later stage growth on the plant, so everything seemed OK, I even pulled off a pumpkin that was growing pretty quickly and smashed it on the ground.

We had our carnival meeting and we got to see the new pumpkin mascot suit which is very cool.

Subconsciously I think I didn’t want to measure it as I knew something would be wrong, and when I did go and check up on it well, it was not solid at all.

I’m going to put this down to the crazy humid weather we have been having, it has not been good for a lot of people.  It looks like it had been fermenting for a while and actually smelled like it was turning into alcohol.

What’s Next

Well I’m still working on carnival stuff, planning on visiting other pumpkin events, and will still be doing the vlog, there is always something to keep me busy.  Talking of the vlog, here is episode 10 where you can see how bad my pumpkin was.


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