End of Season Downtime

Hello there, hope all is going well with whatever you may be up to.

I’m currently putting together the end of season newsletter, so if you have a cool photo or story that you would like in it, let me know and I will see where I can fit it in.

With the end of the season it means winter is nearly upon us, although some days it sure feels like it is here already in force.  Take care out there and I hope you haven’t been flooded out.

Technology hassles

Destroying my phone, and having issues with the laptop at present are not helping me, but I have sorted out work around for those and am now back in the online space.  Damn technology.

New place, new growing area

I’ve moved house and am now in town, like really in town.  There is a very small overgrown garden place outside, which I will update you with in the near future, and what my plans are with growing in such a small place, I am hoping it gives a bit of inspiration and encouragement for you out there with only small areas to grow in.

The new area I have for pumpkins
The new area I have for pumpkins

Keep up with the northern hemisphere growers.

While it is our downtime, the growers in the northern hemisphere are in full swing, and it is a great time to head over to bigpumpkins.com and check out the message boards and growers diaries to see what everyone is up to.

bigpumpkins.com message board
bigpumpkins.com message board

There is a huge amount of information there to check out and a lot of new growers taking up the challenge and asking a lot of great questions.  The only downside I find is that the message board is very old school so doesn’t have the features of newer ones, to help manage the information and save interesting things have a look into Evernote, a free tool that I use to manage all sorts of stuff.

Still no seeds allowed into the country

Seeds are still not allowed in, with hefty penalties for people flouting this rule, think of a maximum of 5 years prison and a maximum of $100,000 fine.

And while you may think it isn’t a big thing a local grower here had some seeds unknowingly sent to them recently, they found all of this out when the MPI came knocking on the door to investigate it.

This whole seed thing could really slow down the leaps and bounds we have been having here in NZ on the giant pumpkin growing front.

Make sure to check what seeds you already have, think about sharing them around and getting whatever genetics you have out there into growers hands.  And lets see what we can make from a slightly annoying position currently.

And with that I better avoid the rain when I can, and get back to sorting out things and trying to be more productive then I have been, until next time take care.

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