Seed Removal Time for Tim’s Pumpkin

Remember Tim’s pumpkin?  That giant one he grew, the one that has the NZ record now, and is the heaviest one grown this season in the southern hemisphere, yeah that one.

Seed Removal 201502

Seed Removal Time

It was time to remove seeds from the pumpkin and I tagged along to get some photos of it and it turned out to be quite surprising.

Once the pumpkin was moved from the above trailer to this bigger trailer for feeding the pumpkin pieces out to the cows, it was time to get into it.

Seed Removal 201505 Seed Removal 201506 Seed Removal 201510 Seed Removal 201511

If you haven’t dealt with giant pumpkins before that are anywhere near this size, they are quite soft even if a lot of people seem to think an axe is in order to get inside them.

A handsaw was used to cut the end off the pumpkin.

Seed Removal 201516 Seed Removal 201517 Seed Removal 201519

Once inside the hunt for seeds was on.  And it turned out there was none.  Well none that were properly formed that could be dried out.  Just lots of seed cases with nothing in them.

Seed Removal 201524

As well as that, there seemed to be this cauliflower looking growth inside the pumpkin instead of the stringy normal pumpkin guts I was expecting to see.

Seed Removal 201526

Here are a whole bunch of other photos I took of the pumpkin for your viewing pleasure.

So after that surprise we went down to the patch and started opening up the smaller pumpkins to get some seeds.

Seed Removal 201555 Seed Removal 201560

The watermelon was squishy, and so was the pumpkins vines and stump, with the recent rain causing it to rot out pretty quickly.  If the rain has come in earlier then it did, the pumpkin may have suffered a similar fate.

So you never really know what you will get out of a pumpkin, and this is a good example of that.  For more on how to remove seeds check out the seed removal page in the how to section of the website.

Seed Removal 201580

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