Fieldays 2015

It’s winter, it’s cold and a lot of people have descended onto the Waikato for one of if not the biggest farming related events in the country, and southern hemisphere I am of course talking about Fieldays which is held at Mystery Creek.

This year for a change I went on the first day of the event, and it was a good time to go, not too many people and the reduced lack of mud sure did help.

There is a lot to see when you go with over 1000 of exhibitors there, there is usually something for everyone to see.

I had a few choice words to say to the people at the MPI stand, with the woman there not really able to give me any answers at all, and just asked if I had spoken to anyone about the seed situation, I had, so that was the end of the conversation.

In the innovation tent there is a lot of different inventions, and one that caught my eye was the Weedo, it’s basically a propeller on the end of a shaft that attaches to a cordless drill.  You can fully customize it, and use it for weed removal and soil conditioning.

Fieldays 2015 1

Fieldays 2015 2

I spoke to a company that had a good variety of products for gardeners etc, including a nice looking worm casting compost mix.  Who I hope to show some of their products to use in October.

And I also checked out Agriferts site, and again they had a giant pumpkin on display that was drawing a lot of comments and photos from people.

Fieldays 2015 6 Fieldays 2015 3  Fieldays 2015 5

It was of course Aaron’s 732.5 kg pumpkin and it was looking good, it is nothing short of amazing at how well this thing holds up after being cut off the vine for so long, something that I think is a true testament to how well the products work, and keep the  pumpkin solid.

Fieldays 2015 4

Talking to one of the fertliser experts at Agrifert, he was quite adamant that due to the regime they had advised of Aaron using, and the products that the pumpkin would be very dense inside and would be up to human consumption much like a normal crown pumpkin.

It will be interesting to see what it looks like, and in comparison to Tim’s pumpkin how many seeds it has inside.

That was my brief look at a very large show.  If you went, what displays did you like?  Let me know in the comments below.

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8 years ago

Hi Sam
I think that my kins last long after harvest because of the Calcium and Sulfur.

8 years ago
Reply to  Aaron

It sure is awesome to see in person how well the pumpkins hold up over a long period from being off the vine.

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