Green Giant Pumpkin Leaf

End of November 2018

This year is rocketing towards the end at what feels like breakneck speed. In only a few short weeks Christmas will be here.

The weather is all over the place

Was the weather like this at the same time last year? Is global warming to blame? I’m not sure on both of those questions, but we seem to be going from hot dry days to lots of rain and it does seems like we are getting four seasons in one day.

Green Giant Pumpkin Leaf

The bit I am glad about is that there hasn’t been much wind around the Tiny Patch.

I Almost Cooked the Plant

With some cold spells forecast overnight, I sprung into action to provide protection for my giant pumpkin seedling. In the past I’ve used fibre glass poles and the Mikroclima product from Polynet.

This year I’d realised I’d canabalised part of the wood I used for that set up. I wasn’t ready to use the trampoline legs either, so I jammed a bunch of bamboo stakes into the ground and threw the cover over the top, which seemed to work well. Almost too well.

With the joys of starting work at 5:30am and thinking the weather was going to be bad I left the covers on. When I came home I found the plant all wilted, it was so bad I didn’t even think of taking a photo and started hosing it down. Within the hour it bounced back and started resembling a normal plant instead of shriveled green things stuck to some stems.

How much this effected the plant and it’s future growth is unknown, but I will need to keep and eye on when I cover them.


None of these have died yet, and they seem to like being in the weird smelly room. Just to make sure I have miniatures this year, I put in a bunch more seeds directly into the pots.  These ones are super leggy due to being grown near a window when I was doing a time lapse of them.

Miniatures in Pots

Pumpkin Carnival

There seems to be a lot more things to organise for this years Carnival. I’m working on all sorts of things, including building a Christmas tree using dried pumpkins, writing a health and safety plan and trying to sort out some T-Shirts to get screen printed.

Painted Pumpkins

We moved the last of the seedlings and have now sold all of them which is exciting, can’t wait to see how everyone’s season goes.

If you are helping run a pumpkin event next year make sure you have written down a list of every possible thing you may need to do for your event. It will help you realise if there is something else you should do, it helps clear your mind and it can be easier to share this list and get help with tasks leading up to your event.


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