Happy Holidays 2018 / 2019

It’s Christmas Time

I’m not sure about you, but for me this year it doesn’t really feel like Christmas and I’m not too sure why.

Could it be that I have now aged so much that I can see the rampant consumerism that is happening at this time of the year? Or maybe I am just tired.

Pumpkins Looking Good

When growing in a Tiny Patch you have to take what you can get, and what I’m getting is a plant I am liking the look of, especially compared to previous years attempts.

Giant Pumpkin Plant in the GPNZ Tiny Patch

I’m going to put it down to a combination of things. Genetics, the My.Noke worm castings paired with the Seaweed and Manuka Mulch from KoLush.

Running Behind

I am however behind where I’d like to be, but I always knew that was going to be the case, I started a bit later due to the school camp, but am hoping something grows without rotting later on.

Seed Auctions

I normally announce these on Facebook for people to go look at them but I’ve been super slack and for the people that get seeds that way they will know.

If you want to check them out and see what they are and how they work head on over to BigPumpkins.com.

Pumpkin Tree

A bunch of us were busy earlier on putting together a pumpkin tree for Trees at the Meteor, a yearly event where locals make Christmas trees and they are put on display over 5 days.

First time I have ever been, and there were some amazing entries, so good. Thanks to everyone that helped, by supplying items, building, painting and everything else.

Happy Holidays

Whatever you may be up to this holiday period have a happy safe one, take care of your pumpkin. Water it, provide shade, feed it, all that good stuff.

I’m working quite a bit of the holidays, and I’ll also be working out what setting I changed on my camera that stopped the camera auto focusing on my face and making me blurry, maybe I just broke the camera with my face, hahaha.

Take care, and I’ll have more pumpkin updates soon.


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