Pollination Time in the Tiny Patch 2.0

It’s the end of 2021 and I thought I had better do an update of what’s happening around here with the Tiny Patch 2.0. With a video, further down the post as well.

Since the last update the main thing that has happened was pollination of the pumpkin.

I have the 2 main vines happening on the plant. I’ve picked one to be the actual main vine a pumpkin grows on. The other one helps as I bury it’s vine.

I did remove 2 pumpkins that were self pollinated from that vine.

The Chosen Pumpkin

The pumpkin I hand pollinated is out around 4.5m – 5m out on the chosen main vine. There is also a pumpkin a leaf node or two back. This is the backup and I will see how it all goes.


I buried a whole bunch more vines. And have been watering a lot lately. I’ve cranked the watering up to 100 liters a day. With most of that occurring in the evening.

Basic Shade

To help this new pumpkin as much as I can, basic shade has been provided. This involves a plastic chair and the leftover sand I had in a bag to weight it down.

I will need to get some other things for shade when the pumpkin grows bigger than the chair.

2021 Overview

This year has been pretty good. I moved locations which opened up more possibilities for pumpkin growing, which was great.

I’d had a lot of interaction with giant pumpkin growers this season. I’ve had good results when scheduling posts ahead of time.

I dropped the ball in updating parts of the website. I’m not sure why I hit a brick wall with that. I know what I have to do, have the content and images. I’ve put that off for the longest time.

And there was some troubles with seeds this year, which has made me think about how I do that in the future. I will talk about that at the end of the season.

I hope 2021 was good for you. Even with all the covid and lockdown shenanigans. And I hope 2022 is shaping up to be a good one.

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2 years ago

Hi Sam, thanks for the post- all the best for 2022. I have a question- after you’ve hand pollinated a female flower, do you cover the flower to stop insects getting onto it? I’ve heard both schools of thought!

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