Early Protection Building

Hi there, I’ve been busy sorting things out and getting things done lately.  First up the light I ordered to put inside the germination box turned up.

The light for the germination box

Aquarium Light

It turned out they had sold out of the one I had actually ordered and they sent me the next size up instead, which worked out well as it is a better size for what I needed.

Aquarium Light Turned On

Look at all that glorious light.

Here it is inside the box above one of the pots.

Aqaurium light over the pot

I didn’t get around to adding side ventilation holes to the box for a fan to provide air, I think I will do that next year.

Next thing, early protection frame

I’ve actually had a frame built since last year, but I never got around to finishing it so have had it in storage.  This year I was determined to get it all completed.

Early season protection frame

It’s a decent size, and I even managed to learn how to design it in 3D before making it.  Most of it is actually held together with stainless screws, allowing me to either change parts if needed or dismantle the whole thing.

To cover it I went and ordered some Mikroclima year round crop protection from Polynet

They do a wide variety of sizes and do some handy packs in the Microclima and also do a product that is the same but more heavy duty called Tunnet.

Mikroclima Handy Pack

This is what it looks like up close.

Mikrclima Up Close

And this is what it looked like after I fixed it to the frame and sort of built the lid for it.  I attached the Mikroclima with a staple gun which worked well, and built the rest of the lid with random bits of wood we had laying around.  It’s not the best fit and there is a gap on the edge of the lid.

Grow frame all covered in Mikroclima

The right hand side looks really munted, but I am sure it is an optical illusion as it doesn’t look that wonky in real life.

The Mikroclima will provide wind protection and help keep the area warm for the seedling to be transplanted into the ground very soon.

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