Simple shade cover over the top of a growing giant pumpkin

Cheap Shade Cover for a Giant Pumpkin

Hi guys, sorry this is a bit late, I wrote this the other week, and made the video for it, but due to Youtube changing the way you add video to the site, It took me until today to sort it all out.

Also no video from this weekend, I’ve had a tooth removed and probably sound even weirder then normal, I will however, be posting photos later on tonight of how my 3 pumpkins have been going.

In this post I show you what I did for shade protection.

I currently only have the one pumpkin covered as it is the largest, but I will cover the second biggest once it gets up to size.

To build my shade cover, this is what I used:

  • Some green garden stakes
  • Cheap tarp
  • Rope

Items to make a shade structure for a giant pumpkin

Cheap shade structure over my giant pumpkin

So there we have it, my simple shade set up. It has coped with all the severe wind and rain we have had lately, and the pumpkin beneath it looks to be doing ok.

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