Early Season cover for Giant Pumpkins

Delivering Seedlings

The last couple of weeks have been all about getting giant pumpkin seedlings (and some miniatures) to Schools and Mayors around our local area that were keen to grow and hopefully will come along to the carnival.

My Seedlings

The 1050 Zaychkowsky is the front runner and is the one I ended up putting into my patch, the 1271 Warner didn’t germinate and the other ones I think I may have cooked in the grow box.  I’ll post some photos of my seedling in the patch in the next update, it wasn’t the best looking seedling, but I’m hoping it will pick up now that it is in the patch.

Watering and Protection

I’ve been thinking about what to do with the watering around here, most of it will be done by hand but on the odd occasion I need something set up to help when I am out of town, I’ll be using this Neta Irrigation Starter kit, alongside bits and pieces, shout out to Sarah the Gardener who I won the irrigation kit from earlier on in the year.

Neta Irrigation Starter Kit

I set up my Tunnetcover for the patch, for some reason I had left it outside over winter, so while it is still fine it just looks all green and yuck in some places.

Early Season cover for Giant Pumpkins

And here is the latest Vlog video, some parts I filmed didn’t work out, so they got cut.  And I’ve been feeling a bit strange the last couple of days, hopefully it is nothing, and I don’t get a cold or the flu.




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