The Wizz Scarecrow

Scarecrows and Seedlings

These last couple of weeks must be what it’s like to deal drugs, my choice of drug though is pumpkin seedlings, both miniature and giant. Contacting people, and having people contact me, working out logistics to get them to people, and promoting that it is now time to plant has all been the name of the game so far.

Newspaper and Radio

Luckily for us we have good contacts both in newspaper and radio, we get the information out there and it helps if you have some sort of gimmick to help make your story stand out from the rest, sometime that can be hard to come up with ideas, other times it hits you at 3 in the morning.

When is enough enough?

The trick to doing all of this, and I guess it is the same for almost everything, especially when it is a niche type event is that no matter how hard you promote it, no matter how many people you talk to, there is at some point where you will reach the maximum number of people you can, especially when getting people to grow a giant pumpkin plant.

But… if you put on an awesome event, have a lot of people come check it out, then those people, the ones that get intrigued, the ones that get excited at the thought of growing their own giant pumpkin, well those are the ones that will grow the following year.

Seedling Update

2 of my 3 656kg Akkerman Seeds germinated, the other one seems to have started to, then looks like it might have rotted before it was able to break free from its seed, farewell potential awesome pumpkin. As backups I have started off a 1050 Zaychkowsky and a 1271 Warner and I will see how they go.

The Giant Pumpkins Vlog Episode 3

In this episode, I have a bit of coverage about the media stuff we have been up to, and I catch up with Grace and Gareth, and head along to the scarecrow festival to sell seedlings. Thanks to everyone that checked out the last couple of episodes, share it around and make sure to subscribe.


Next post I hope to have seedlings in the world’s smallest giant pumpkin patch.

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