December is Here in the Tiny Patch

Who is ready for Christmas and the holiday period?  I’d like to say I am, but in reality that isn’t the case.

So what has been happening here in the tiny patch? Ummm not much. I know that isn’t exciting, and in no way helps you at all. But lets catch up anyways.

Giant Pumpkin Plant?

Even though I’m not growing a giant this year, I currently do have a giant pumpkin plant growing in the tiny patch. I needed some photos to update the transplanting page on the site.

That update is still to come. But for now I have this plant.

I haven’t sorted out the space in the tiny patch area properly and to be fair we need the space for other things, like being able to hang the washing up outside.  And flatmates apparently would like to use some of the space as well.

Miniature Pumpkins

I’ve put 2 miniature pumpkin seedlings into the patch so far, and I have other seeds I am going to plant directly into the tiny patch. Lets see how many I can get by the end of the season.

Wonder Weeder

I took some photos of these little gardening tools finally.

They are called wonder weeders. Made right here in NZ. Simple tool to help remove weeds. They make a great gift for any gardener out there.

Other Things

You may have seen the random post I made about the Op Shop Directory. It’s another site I have that lists all the Op Shops here in NZ. It’s been around about as long as this website.

I did a massive update of it recently. It took so much time, but I am happy with the results.

And throw into the mix sorting out life stuff. More precisely my girlfriend who is amazing and listens to all my pumpkin (and everything else) stories is moving up from Christchurch in a couple of weeks.

I’ve been tidying up around here, and making space. At the same time most of her belongings have come up to Mum and Dad’s garage. I’ll be going down there in just over a week, and we’ll be driving up. Nothing like a road trip back to Hamilton.

So there we go. A balancing act of everything all at the same time.

Hope everything is well with you, your pumpkin plants are growing, and you are ready for an amazing season.

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