New giant pumpkin growth tip

Busy Organising Stuff

A Busy Time

A lot of my spare time has been filled up lately with different events one of them being the WeetBix Tryathlon which my producer competed in. GPNZ made it’s mark with the new teardrop banner I recently received. If you are after a banner / flag check out for great service and the prices were good.

Pumpkin Event Preparation

The other thing that is keeping me busy around this time is getting things ready for the upcoming Great Pumpkin Carnival being held on the 31st of March.

For anyone running a pumpkin event, or any event at all, you’ll know how much goes into organising one.

For me that involves a lot of lists, lists of things I still need to either do myself, or get someone else to do, lists for on the day and then slowly working my way through them. At this point of the year, I know I’m going to be busy doing this stuff and the updates on the Tiny Patch slow down a little.

The more I can do now, the less headaches (in theory) there will be later on.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is a big thing everywhere now, there are arguments it’s gone too far and can actually be harming events. While I can see both sides of the argument the main thing is to keep people safe, no matter what they are doing.

But for some reason this year seems to be more full on than normal, it seems people have just realised that things that probably should have been done back in 2015 with the latest update to the legislation should be sorted now.

With that comes more expenses, some not budgeted for when applying for funding almost a year ago. Calling in favors and working with people you’ve built relationships with over the years is crucial.

Jerry is Growing

Jerry is still growing, but I think it has slowed down a bit. This cold snap in the weather won’t be helping, but Jerry has had it’s blanket on. The new growth looks really nice, the old growth looks really old and gross.

I won a limited edition Plunket reusable cup the other day which was great.

OK, that’s it for now. I have to add more items to my lists, and start creating a program to send to the printers.

How’s things going with your pumpkin / event? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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