Blog Post Update Time

Man time flys by, I didn’t think it had been that long since I had updated the site, but here we are and the blog posts have been neglected, ooooops…….

Hows things going?

Average/below average is the words used to describe things here at the moment. But that’s OK.

My Pumpkin plant is growing, very very slowly, partly due to the plant growing slower then any other plants I have grown and partly due to neglect from me. I’ve been quite busy and all over the place lately which never helps with lots of different projects on the go at the moment.

But a pumpkin that I did plant that is looking really good is my daughters pumpkin plant, it was planted in a very small strip garden right next to the house, it has done amazing growth and has really giant leaves. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one continues.

Giant Pumpkin plant in a small space Giant Pumpkin plant in a small space

The only one that is sort of related to pumpkin stuff is me trying to catch up on some pretty decent sized horticulutre course assignments. I’ve been learning a lot, and am looking forward to sharing some of this info with you, especially on doing major updates on the how-to section of the site, although they will come later once I have caught up.

Miniature Pumpkins

My miniatures are a no show this year as well, with last year having a bumper crop seemed really easy, this year there is only one very small sick looking plant trying to grow, I’m beginning to wonder if something has been done to the area I am trying to grow in (same place as last year)

Giant Watermelon

I failed at the giant watermelon as well, with only one germinating and then dying, the other one didn’t even want to start, which is a shame as I was looking forward to growing one of thosse.

Giant Sunflowers

Giant sunflower seeds also seems to not have a good start, although there are some growing with one looking exceptionally good right now, they too seemed to have just not grown as well as a whole.

Giant Sunflower Head Giant Sunflower Growing Tall

Organsation for the local pumpkin carnival here is going well, with a lot of great ideas coming up for future things to have at the event, I’m looking forward to the 2016 event and getting more engagement from different people.

But I wish people did realise a bit more that a giant pumpkin or a pumpkin in general is a living thing which we can’t guarantee to have, or a certain qty, and that coupled with just the very small number of people that are actually growing can make it a bit harder.

Giant Pumpkin Seeds

The seeds coming into the country thing which I mentioned in the last post is still bothering me a bit, I don’t want to see good seeds not being able to come here or wasted money being spent due to these new regulations, more work needs to be done there to work out the best solution for everyone.

Also this far into 2015 I have realised that being surrounded by awesome people is very motivational to get things completed and to keep on track, but being surrounded by other people that are indirectly negative or just not as supportive as they could or once were seems to have a draining effect on me. This should change about the end of March and I am planning on bringing more awesome content to the site.


To help with this I will be putting out a survey, just a small one to gain more information on what you would like to see and a bit more information to help me with what I am planning to do with the website etc. I’d appreciate it if you could take the couple of minutes and answer it.

Giant Pumpkins NZ – Survey 2015


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9 years ago

Just checking out the new Disqus comment system here on the site, lets you have conversations within the comments, should be really good.

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