Back Online and Update

Well it has been an eventful week around here.  Some really helpful people decided to “hack” or cause disruption to one of the sites I have, as a precaution my webs hosting people basically shutdown all my sites as to not cause disruption to other websites.

After a while we sorted out the problems.  If you want to have headaches grow giant pumpkins and have a website as well, I highly recommend it 😀

If there is any disruption to the website please check out the Facebook page as anything major will be put on there.

Patch update

There isn’t too much happening here at the moment, I’ve been under the weather this week hence no video, I look and sound terrible, more then normal.

The cover crop is growing well but it sure is evident that I should have put down way more.

Cover Crop

I’m looking forward to starting my seeds off and getting the season fully underway.

Why I’m not soil testing this year

There is basically two reasons for me not getting a soil test done this year:

  • The money side of it
  • The next level side of it

The money side of it: 

I’m growing the pumpkins on a bit of a self imposed budget this year, I decided to start paying of my debt more full on and not getting any more.  So around this time next year I should be totally debt free (which is a crazy thought in itself)

As for the soil test itself, I think they are great.  But there is a cost to getting it done, the analysis you or someone had to interpret from it, and then there is the cost for any amendments to the soil you may need, then you have to worry about if you have done everything right or not.

The next level side of it:

I love growing giant pumpkins, and I love trying new things each season and for me it is a fun thing to do, especially when my daughter helps me out.  But at this point in time coupled with the money thing, I am still keeping it as a fun hobby and not taking to that next step of being super scientific about it.

I have seen great results year after year from people who have done nothing more then plant a seed and water it, the luck factor plays a huge amount in this.  I am planning on growing these giant pumpkins for years to come so as long as I have fun, connect with a great bunch of people and share giant pumpkin growing then I will be happy this season.

How much money are you spending this year?

How much money are you putting into this crazy giant pumpkin hobby this season?  More then normal?  The same? Or less?

I’d be interested to hear what you are planning for this season.  Let me know via the contact page.


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