Back from holiday update

So being away from the pumpkin patch for over a week isn’t ideal, but these things happen.

On my return I found a massive amounts of weeds growing, which although is a pain is a good sign that the soil is good for everything. The two plants that are doing the best are the ones buried in the horse poo, they look good, and have massive leaves.

Weeds all around the pumpkins

In the coming weeks I think giving them enough water will be the challenge with the very hot days we have just started having.

The underground weeping type hose I installed seems to be doing really well, next year I will be doing it on a bigger scale, and finding a supplier who sells it by the meter means I can get the exact length I need.

Some weeds removed, with plenty more still to be pulled out over the next couple of days.

When weeding around the pumpkins you have to be really careful about the small tendril type shoots coming off the plant, they wrap around anything and can easily be pulled off, or worse the vine broken when weeding. Try and bury these things into the dirt.



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