Pumpkin seen through vines

Growing With What you Have

Pollination Not the Best

The pollination I had planned didn’t work out last week. The inside of the flower was partly deformed which can lead to problems with the pumpkin. I cut that pumpkin from the plant.

Inside of female giant pumpkin flower

The one I am going with is a self pollinated pumpkin, one I did not see the inside of so am just hoping it can grow OK.

Pumpkin seen through vines

Sometimes you just have to go (or grow) with what you have.

How Old is the Pumpkin?

Well… I’m not too sure, but from looking at some photos I took I think it is around 22 days old? Lets go with that.

Pollinated Giant Pumpkin Starting to Grow

My WiFi Replacement Part Turned Up

Big shout out to Melnor who sent me a new control box for my WiFi timer. This connects to the router and lets me control the watering from my phone. Very happy this turned up.

Melnor Raincloud Control Box

Keep an Eye Out for the Dreaded Powdery Mildew

It’s getting super warm and humid around here. I think this is partly to blame for my sudden lack of energy and struggling to do things.

Make sure to water early in the morning. Try and keep water off the leaves if watering later in the afternoon. You don’t want wet leaves overnight in the humidity.

Be proactive and apply a product.

Giant Pumpkin Leaves

I’ll be doing this tomorrow to the plant. And I need to get the mill fabric underneath the pumpkin with the bed of sand. With the way the vines are growing, and the small are in the tiny patch this should be interesting.

Hopefully I have the energy to do that. I’ll keep you updated on how I go.

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