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Holiday Plans with a Giant Pumpkin

Where would you take your giant pumpkin on holiday? But a more serious question if you are going on holiday, do you have a plan around how best to look after your giant pumpkin?

You might also be thinking why would I even bother? Which might be a fair comment for some people. But if you are wanting to grow the biggest giant pumpkin you can, smash the competition, having a think about it now can save you some headaches later on.

One of the quirks of growing in the Southern Hemisphere is that we have Christmas and New Years occur during the growing season.

For any of you Northern Hemisphere growers, if this happened during your growing season would it effect you much? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Ways to Deal with the Holidays

Here’s 3 different ways you can approach this.

Do nothing, hope for the best
Results can vary wildly if this is your plan. The pumpkins are going to suffer, and will not reach their full potential at all. This approach might be OK for first time growers, but if you are wanting good gains then don’t be this person.

The main thing you can automate when you are away on holiday would be the watering. There are many options out there that can help with this. If you have limited water for your pumpkin plant, having something set up will help with the pumpkins growth.

Water Timer

A simple timer to release water at the same time every day is a great option.

Get Other People Involved
Ask neighbours, friends or family to help out with your giant pumpkin growing dreams.

Picking someone you trust is key. You might need to explain when and how to water, and do you want them super involved with vine burying or anything else that crops up?

Depending on how long you are gone for and where you are going technology might be able help during this period. Video calling is super easy to do. Checking in on your pumpkin while away may sounds crazy, but if you want to keep an eye on what is happening then it could help both you and whoever is helping you.

Get them excited and part of your pumpkin journey, you’ll have fun and be creating great memories in the process.

Do you Have a Holiday Plan?

Having discussions, working out what you are up to this early into the growing season can help prevent headaches later on.

I hope the holidays don’t put you off growing a giant pumpkin, there are many great reasons to give it a go.

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