What’s been happening – Week ending 06-10-2013

A bunch of stuff has been happening around these parts, so I thought I would do an update all in one as nothing merits its own post at the moment.

New videos up on the site

I’ve put up a new video on the Seedlings section of the How To part of the site, just shows you the leaves and explains which way the vine will grow.  I also did one for the Transplanting section of the How To also, videos that were missing and needed to be there.

Giant Russian sunflower seeds arrived

I was lucky enough to get some giant sunflower seeds from the Project Sunshine Aotearoa team, which involves a bunch of school kids from down in Wellington spreading the giant sunflower bug around the country, check out their site and here is the awesome packaging I received:

Giant Sunflower Envelope

Giant Sunflower Packet

Giant Sunflower Seeds

I’m looking forward to giving these a go this year, and already have a location sorted for them.

I got my Mitre 10 Big Pumpkin, Pumpkin seeds

I went down to my local Mitre 10 and got some of the kids seeds, more room needed for all these pumpkin I am planning on planting, but luckily my helper can take care of this one.

Mitre 10 Big Pumpkin Seeds

As well as the seeds contained in the packet you also get this handy marker, all for 50 cents, pretty awesome if you ask me.

Peat pot seed is growing well

The seed contained in the peat pot thing is starting to grow well, I moved it from the shed and put it on the kitchen window sill, it seems to enjoy the warmth there better, and has grown quite a bit since this photo was taken in the morning:

Seed in a peet pot growing well

Getting the pool ready for summer

At this new place I am living it has a rather decent sized pool, but it has been a while since it has any maintenance, the flatmate has decided to repaint it so yesterday consisted draining all 95,000 litres of it.  Will be good once it is up and running again, and I am looking forward to a swim after tending to pumpkin in the afternoons.

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