Chris Kent 350.5lb World Record Giant Watermelon

As well as giant pumpkins there is a whole bunch of other produce that people try to grow giant year after year, giant watermelon is one such thing.

New world record

The world record for water melon has been smashed by Chris Kent.  It rocked the scales at 350.5 pounds which is about 159kg’s for everything who uses metric.

Check out this great video of it getting weighed.

A grafted melon

An interesting fact about this melon is that is had been grafted onto the root stock of a gourd to provide it a better root system, somewhat of a contentious issue from what I have read.  But just another technique growers can use to gain bigger fruit.  Will be interesting if someone tries something similar to a giant pumpkin one day.

Anyone in NZ having  ago at growing giant watermelon this season?

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