Pumpkins at the Kumeu show

Kumeu Produces 420kg’s Pumpkin

Theis Saturday and Sunday just been has been the Kumeu Show, where a lot of events and people get together.  One of these events is the giant pumpkin one.  Here is a pic of some of the pumpkins that were there.

Pumpkins at the Kumeu show 2011

And the overall winner of largest giant pumpkin, and new current NZ record at time of writing, is Daphne Humphreys from Whangarei, with a pumpkin weighing in at 420kg’s

Daphne and her pumpkin - 420kg's worth

This pumpkin got weighed on certified scales before the competition to verify it’s weight, I have seen the weight certificate and can confirm it at 420kg’s.  A big congratulations to Daphne and her awesome pumpkin, will it be beaten by something bigger in the next couple of weeks?  Only time will tell, and www.giantpumpkins.co.nz will be sure to tell you of any news I hear.

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