The First year of the Great Pumpkin Carnival at Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens Giant Pumpkin Carnival 2011

Apologies for this being a little bit late, would of loved to have it up earlier, but you know, life gets in the way of this internet thing sometimes.

So this is the post covering the Hamilton Gardens Giant Pumpkin Carnival 2011 held at the Hamilton Gardens.  It was a great day, with a lot of people checking it out, and partaking in different events.

It was great talking to people, meeting a lot of new people, and also catching up with people I have known through the internet, I’m looking at you Ross, Daphne, and Steve when I say that.

Photos of the 2011 Great Pumpkin Carnival

Thanks goes to Daphne and Ross for supplying some of the photos, any more photos I receive I will add into the gallery

Almost forgot to mention how I went, my pumpkin weighed in at 207kg’s, and came second.  After Daphne’s 420kg current NZ record at time of writing this, I was pleased with the weight, and I am heading in the right direction.

One of the things people like to see is pumpkin rolling.  I was lucky enough to take some video, and edit together all the action, here it is:

Thanks to everyone that entered, brought a pumpkin along, or just came to have a look. Big thank you to Jenny for organising a great event, and thanks to everyone that helped out on the day. Looking forward to next years event.

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