Pumpkins on trolly

Pumpkin Carnival, Mitre 10 Mega and Scott Cully

As I write this The Great Pumpkin Carnival here in Hamilton is all ready to go for tomorrow.  The weather is apparently going to be nice and fine, I think we have everything covered, and we just have to see who turns up on the day.  I will be there with my camera and should shoot some video as well, so keep an eye out for it in the future, or better yet like Giant Pumpkins NZ on Facebook to keep up with everything that is going on.

A busy week indeed

This week has been full on, as well as sorting out some last minute details for the pumpkin carnival I also had to make a delivery to the good folks at the Mitre10 Mega support centre in Auckland.

Here are the pumpkins I took up, and them jammed in my car.

Pumpkins on trolly

Pumpkins in the boot

The reason for the need for the pumpkins is they were using the services of Scott Cully, a giant pumpkin carver from the US who has held world records for his carvings, and has been carving pumpkins since 1988.  Read a bit about him over here.

Here is one of the pumpkins he carved today.

Scott Cully Carving

A very awesome carving, and I am looking forward to seeing the others.

So a full on week, and hopefully tomorrow goes smoothly, if you are around come say hi, I’m usually easy to spot.



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