The Great Pumpkin Carnival 2013

In this post I have photos and video from the Great Pumpkin Carnival 2013 held in Hamilton Gardens on the 7th of April.  A great day for giant pumpkins in all shapes and sizes.

Tim Harris raised the bar this year after winning last years event with a 290kg pumpkin, he rocked up with 3 massive pumpkins the heaviest being 577kg’s.  Check out the weigh in of that pumpkin in the video below.

Great Pumpkin Carnival 2013-102

Tim with his 577kg pumpkin (which was grown from the 1650 sproule in case you were wondering)

Video Time

In this video you will see Tim’s pumpkin getting weighed, and some downhill rolling action.


Thank you

A big thank you to everyone that turned up to either compete in one of the categories or to check out the event.  None of this would have been possible without all the help from the great sponsors we had.  We learnt a lot, and will be trying new things next year and hopefully implementing some new ideas.

To keep up with all the latest info about the carnival please check out

Bonus Video

Just a little bit of a video with the winners of the pumpkin pulp pile competition excited at their win.

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