Giant Pumpkin Photo

Patch Update 10.02.2013

It has been nice and warm around these parts which is nice, I think I prefer the warmth to the cold any day.

Some of the miniatures have already come to maturity so have pulled them off and have them hanging out on the table, always a great conversation starter, even if some people think they are fake sometimes.

Baby Bear
Here is a picture of one of the baby bear variety types which can be brought over at Kings Seeds
Baby Bear Pumpkin

We have about another 4 or five of these growing with an idea for a pumpkin creation forming for The Great Pumpkin Carnival coming up in April.

Jack be Little
I’m not a hundred percent sure if this is what I actually have grown, but it looks similar and it is very small.

Jack be little Pumpkin

If you want to get yourself some of these seeds check out this link and pick some up from Kings Seeds

Onto the Giants
It appears there are 3 contenders for the giants, and one that I really like the look of.

Giant Pumpkin Photo

It needs all the weeds removed from it, and I am going to make a shelter for it over the next couple of days and am also planning on putting down a sand base underneath it, to help with drainage and to make it easier for the pumpkin to grow.  I will cover this in upcoming updates.

I also found this one sneaking under the fence.

Giant Pumpkins sneaking under the fence


So there we go for now, a bit of what is happening around these parts.  Hopefully everything is going OK for you.  I did get a message via the Facebook Page about a small pumpkin splitting and if it was able to be saved.  Unfortunately once you get a massive split, it is all over.

Until next time grow them giant.



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