Soft Spot on Stem End of Giant Pumpkin

Jerry is Set Free

I was going to post something on social media about the tragedy in Christchurch, but I didn’t know what to say. But my thoughts are with everyone that has been and will be affected with this senseless crime.

I had to set Jerry Free

I went down to check on the pumpkin today and do some measurements. I noticed that some of the vines were starting to look dead. Then I realised that some of them were soft and rotting and one of them was leading towards the pumpkin.

Rotting Pumpkin Vines

Where it connected under the stem was soft. So I made the decision to cut it from the stem before it got softer, or there could be a spread of whatever was going on with the vine to the pumpkin.

Not an ideal time for this to happen, as I’ve now got to try and keep the pumpkin good for the next 2 weeks. Will it stay together in that time? I’m not sure, but I’ll try.

Today was 69 DAP.  Estimated weight is at 96kg I’m hoping it goes heavier and cracks 100kg.

The Plan

A cool dark place will be best for Jerry so moving him into the garage over the next couple of days is the plan. That will help keep him from the fluctuations in temp and weather outside.

Keeping a close eye on it to make sure it doesn’t start going soft and rotting. With no holes, or marks on it currently I am hopeful that the pumpkin will be fine.


I’ll be doing an end of season post later where I am going to go over what has worked, what hasn’t and what I want to do differently next year.

But first I need to get this Pumpkin Carnival out of the way. Travel down to Gisborne to see more pumpkins and keep up to date with what else is happening around the different areas.

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