New Season, New Patch for 2016

It is just over a month to go until our 2016 season kicks off properly.  I hope everyone is getting excited?

What I have been up to

I’ve been busy in the downtime, hence no real updates on this site.  If you are wondering what I have been up to I have updated another website I run which lists all the Op Shops in the country, that was a mammoth task and I am glad I have that sorted out now.

I’m also in the process of working on two other websites which are related to this website, more info in the future.

A milestone

And it turns out this is blog post number 200 since I started the website which I find amazing, some posts have been long, some have been short, some have been a bit crappy and some have been epic.

I’m going to try for more epic posts for the in the future.

I moved

If you didn’t know I moved house straight after the weigh-off at the start of the year, I am right in the centre of the city now which is really cool, except for the fact that there really is not much room to grow anything.

New Season01 New Season02

But I will attempt to grow something in the smallest area possible.

I have a backup plan

I’m also going to be growing a giant pumpkin at my ex’s, there is more room there and it worked quite well last year with almost no tending at all, this year though this will be the area all my attention will be focused.

New Season04

Other things that are going on

I’m also chipping away at the latest Pumpkin Post newsletter which I’m debating about some articles with how much technical information I put in there.  As a happy medium I think I will explain it in a general way and provide links for the full on scientific version for people to check out if they want.

I also have Tim and Aarons data from their pumpkins and am putting the data into a nice easy format to read.

And there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff for The Great Pumpkin Carnival here in Hamilton we are working on at the moment as well.

So busy busy, expect more updates on here and the Facebook page as the season winds down for the northern hemisphere growers with their weigh-offs and our season starts.

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