End of the NZ Season for 2014

With the last of the major weigh off’s having all happened around the country and the foul weather here to show us who is boss it is fair to assume that the season has ended for us.

How it all went

The New Zealand record didn’t get broken this season but it was getting close. A lot of the more established giant pumpkin growers had their pumpkins split such is the case of trying to get something so big to grow so fast in a relatively short period of time.

It was great to see lots of different pumpkin competitions happening around the country, some new ones and some of the regulars.

Kids leading the way

There seemed to be a lot of kids giving the giant pumpkin growing a crack this year, more then in previous years and with weights that are getting heavier and heavier each year. With word of mouth and a great nationwide competition by Mitre 10 Mega this is the building blocks of very exciting times ahead.

How will next season be?

I think the 2015 season will be very exciting indeed, more people taking part nationally means more people at events, getting more coverage and growing this crazy hobby we all take part in. Also a lot of the big growers will be growing some really great seeds with great genetics all trying to get the New Zealand record and pushing towards a world record, which I think will be held here in NZ within the next 5 years.

It will be a long winter as we all wait until we can plant our giant pumpkins.

What will you be doing with your downtime?

I will be working on some stuff for the very first time growers out there, checking out what the other growers around the world are up to and updating information on the website, also I’m working on the latest newsletter which is coming out on June.

One of the best ways to see what people are up to is to check out the growers diary’s over at www.BigPumpkins.com. You don’t need to register and it is a real eye opener seeing what people get up to and what they have to deal with (snow anyone?)

Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook what you will be up to in this downtime.

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