Brownies Pumpkin Party 2014

If you are from Rotorua or have been to a couple of events there over the years you may have come cross a guy name Brownie, he runs Brownies Spit Spectacular and I can highly recommend him for any event you have on, he did the food for my sisters wedding and it was great.

Brownies Pumpkin Party

He also has been having a giant pumpkin competition he’s been running for a very long time. I had heard about it before vaguely, but never really knew much about it or when it actually was.

But it turns out it is on Easter Monday every year and I managed to see something in the local paper while visiting family so decided to go along and check it out.

This is the 19th year Brownies Pumpkin Party has happened and that is an amazing amount of time to have anything running for and has to be one of the longest pumpkin only competitions around.

Photo 21-04-14 11 29 53 am-r42
Weighing the pumpkins

For the locals

I found out about it as it was listed in the paper as something that was on, and while it was there I got the feeling that it was a more of a neighbourly type of event, something for the locals. Which I guess was why I hadn’t really heard of it before. There were some great pumpkins, and some awesome decorated ones as well.

Decorated pumpkins
Decorated pumpkins

Photo 21-04-14 12 06 33 pm-r42

They also raise money for the local Hospice $1000 which is great to see.

Brownie doing the prizegiving
Brownie doing the prizegiving


The winner of the day was Mark Dibley with a 169kg pumpkin,  his wife Sophie coming 2nd this year with a 155kg pumpkin.

All participants get a seedling which is grown from this years pumpkin seeds and people wanting to take part get them on Labour weekend.

Check out this little story in the Daily Post showing 1st, 2nd and 4th all from the same family.


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