Cinderalla Carriage Seed Removal

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to head up to Auckland with Tim and help out with the seed removal from Tim’s record-breaking 789.5kg pumpkin.

Cinderella Carriage-3

Mark the carver was ready to get his hands dirty and start turning the pumpkin into a Cinderella carriage, this was the first time Mark had carved a pumpkin and was keen to see what the inside looked like.

Cinderella Carriage-11

While not the most delicate tool around, the electric chainsaw made short work of getting into the pumpkin and Mark started making the doorway and windows.

Cinderella Carriage-33

On the seed front, this pumpkin actually had some which was a step up from the pumpkin Tim grew last year which had none. As for how many there are, time will tell once they are cleaned up and dried. They were on the slightly smaller and thinner side compared to other giant pumpkin seeds I have seen.

Cinderella Carriage-23

Mark still has a bunch of work to do on the pumpkin, making sure it is all done by Friday for Seven Sharp. Judging by some of the other work Mark had done the pumpkin is in really good hands, we’ll just have to see how it copes being open to the elements.

Cinderella Carriage-34

For all the photos from this trip, you can check them out on the photo pages here, or head on over to the giant pumpkins Facebook page, where you can like and share.

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