Horitcultural Society Talk, Car Troubles and a Cinderella Carriage

This last week has been busy and hectic and mostly good.

After getting back from Christchurch and Little River I quickly worked out that my car didn’t want to start, not a problem, got it going and headed off to to Rotorua, then went and bought a new battery for it.

Cinderella Carriage

I also learnt that Tim’s pumpkin was heading up to a carver in Auckland for Seven Sharp to start working on their plans of turning it into a cinderella carriage. I was going to shoot back and go up with Tim for this but my car had different ideas.

Car Troubles

After changing the battery the starter motor on the car died. So I missed out on the pumpkin trip, took the car instead to the mechanics, waited ages for the part to arrive on the courier, found out the air flow meter also needed changing and spent a lot of money in the process.
Good news is that the car is all good now, but it cut into some funds I had for the 150 sq feet challenge, so I will wait for payday and then order the items I need to make some protection for the plant.

Giant pumpkin in the boot of the car
I wonder if this didn’t help the car

Waikato Horticultural Society

On Thursday I was the invited speaker to talk to the Waikato Horticultural Society, the topic was pumpkins, which I covered and also gave the story about how the whole pumpkin boat thing went down.

I got positive feedback about the talk, and I had a couple of people come along specifically to hear me talk about pumpkins and learn some new stuff. It was really good and great to catch up with everyone.

This upcoming week will all be about patch prep for the 150 sq feet challenge and I better get some seeds started and I am hopefully going to be there when Tim cracks open his pumpkin and gets some seeds out of it, hopefully with better results than last year.

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