Hungry Bin Compost Bin

Hungry bin compost bin – the easy way to compost

I thought I would share with you a product I saw at the fieldays last Friday, while it would be useful for your gardens, it might not be on the scale of things needed for giant pumpkin growing.

Hungry bin compost bin
It is called a hungry bin and it is a compost bin, now you might be thinking, who hasn’t seen a compost bin before, but this one is different, so much so that it seems like a really great product that a lot of different people could use, and get great results.

The reason I like this compost bin is that it is nice and compact, and easy to move around if you need to, the whole concept appears to revolve around a wheelie bin type of size.

So if you want to know more about this great product, please check out their website


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