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Hi there

One of the cool things you can do while growing is to have a growers diary, which keeps track of what you are doing, and is a place where you can add photos as well.

Now you can do this in a variety of ways, and use a few different services online to achieve this.  From building your own website like I have, or using a free blogging type service.

But one of the easiest things to use, and one of the coolest, is creating a growers diary over at

Having a growers diary helps track what you are doing over the year, and is a way to track the growth of your pumpkin over the season.  And when next year comes around, you can look back at what you did, and what you could improve.

To show you how easy it is to use, I have made the video below which shows you how it works, I look forward to seeing your diary updates over the coming months.


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