Where to put your pumpkin patch? 2014 Season Edition

Another season has just finished, and the next is already started.  In my head at least.

Moving house to another location has given me the chance to have a think about where I will be planting my pumpkins this year.  A lot of decisions revolve around how full on you will be going with your pumpkin growing endeavours this year.

I’ve got a good post I wrote about it last year – Select your location for your pumpkin patch and also have written about it in the How-To section under Selecting your pumpkin patch both good in giving you an idea of what to think about.

For this year check out the video below where I show you where my pumpkins will be going.

So there we have it.  My location I will use for the 2014 season.  Time will tell how it all goes.

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