The Quick and Easy Way to Get Seeds Out of a Pumpkin

My goal this year was to see how long I could get a Jack O Lantern type pumpkin to last.

There is sometimes a fine line between keeping it to display, and when you need to get the seeds out of it.

Rotting jack on lantern pumpkin sitting on a cake stand

Pumpkin can turn bad fast.

This pumpkin lasted around 4-5 months.

Already Got a Lot of Seeds

I wasn’t too worried about getting the seeds out as soon as possible, I already had a lot from the previous year.

I did get tied up with travel, and some other projects. So eventually I had to sort out this rotting pumpkin.

It Didn’t Smell Too Bad

Which was nice. I think if it was outside and in the elements it would have turned out worse.

Moist inside of a pumpkin with seeds

This won’t be the first time or the last time I have my hand inside a not quite solid pumpkin.

Rotten piece of jack o lantern pumpkin Rotting pieces of jack o lantern pumpkin on a kitchen bench

Getting seeds out of a pumpkin is a lot of fun. If you haven’t done it before, or want to see kids reactions to a pumpkin that’s cut open. I highly recommend it.

Not the Only Pumpkin

My Mum grew one as well, first time for her. She did well, and the questions about growing it came in regularly.

It even got a name. Colin.

Colin the pumpkin with mould on it

It was off the vine for a while as well. Then one day I got the message:

“Very sad news. Colin has gone mouldy”

Reading that I was initially confused with who Colin was, and what that meant. But then it all came together.

Waiting for the Season to Start

It’s this weird time of the year down in the this part of the world.

Time when we can see people growing pumpkins in the Northern Hemisphere and get FOMO quite bad.

I’m still in two minds of what exactly I am doing / growing this upcoming season. I’ll cover that in a future blog post.

Take care out there.


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