Tim Mathison 2032 lb Pumpkin

New World Record – Tim Mathison 2032 pounds

The 2009 pound record held by Ron Wallace has been beaten this year with a 2032 pound pumpkin grown by Tim Mathison and weighed at Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park.

The 2032lb world record pumpkin grown by Tim Mathison
The 2032lb world record pumpkin grown by Tim Mathison

This pumpkin was grown using the 2009 Wallace seed crossed with the 1554

Here is the video of it getting weighed:

Big congratulations to Tim on this amazing pumpkin.


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Sal Zulla
9 years ago

I am a suburban gardener and am proud that I was able to grow a 27 pound pumpkin and would love to get a couple of seeds from Tim’s 2032 pound pumpkin. I doubt that I could come close but it would be exciting to see a giant one grow.
Thank you,

9 years ago

We are a smal group, we growed this year some pumpkins, we trying for the best and Largest pumpkims Seed to grew on 2015

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