Ron Wallace DVD “How I grew the WR 2009 and 1872”

Ron Wallace in many peoples eyes is one of the top giant pumpkin growers of all times.  He has held two world records, one for his 1502 pumpkin and the other this year for the 2009 pound pumpkin.  Both weights almost thought unachievable at those points in time.  A list of giant pumpkin records can be found HERE.

My thoughts on the DVD

Ron has produced a DVD taking you through all the steps he did as he grew the world record holding 2009 pumpkin.

Check out this video to see what I thought about it:

Pricing and shipping

  • All prices mentioned in the DVD are in US dollars.  Expect to pay $25US dollars to get it to you here in NZ
  • Paypal is the best option to pay with, you will need to create an account and pay Steve the money (get in touch if you need a hand with this, or I can just buy it for you and you give me the money)
  • Shipping took just over a week to get here

What you will find covered on the DVD (104 mins in length)

  • Ron’s thoughts on how important soil is as well as testing of anything going on the patch
  • Compost
  • Mycorrhizai
  • Seed starting
  • Transplanting
  • Watering
  • Vine management
  • Weed removal

Plus a whole lot of other information.

Would I recommend this DVD?

In one word YES.

You get access to a world record giant pumpkin grower that has been growing for over 20 years, you get to find out a lot of information straight from the grower himself.

While there is a lot of information contained within the DVD it all depends on what you will do with it, some things in the DVD I wouldn’t really consider doing but it is really good knowing what has been done.

Let me know what you think of the DVD in the comment below, or if you have any other questions please either contact me, or leave a comment.

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