World Record Giant Pumpkin 1853 Geddes

New World Record Giant Pumpkin – For the time being

It is that time of year we all love, it is pretty much the start of the season here for us, where we actually get to plant something and watch it grow.

For the northern hemisphere growers it is coming to the end of the season, with the many way off’s occurring all over the place.  Even by their standards it is pretty early to have a result like this.

New World Record – Steve Geddes 1843.5

Steve Geddes is the current world record holder for the heaviest pumpkin ever grown, it was weighed at the Deerfield Fair in NH On September 27th 2012.   He grew it from  the 1140 Finders and crossed it with the 1704 Urena.

By my calculations 1843.5 pounds is equal to 836 Kg’s which is an awesome effort.

Check out the pictures of it below:

World Record Giant Pumpkin 1853 Geddes

Is there more to come?

A lot of people called this year as a bit of a down season with what was being produced, but according to others there is some other really big pumpkins out there.  With many more weigh off’s to be completed in the following weeks, this record may by beaten, but whatever the outcome, this is a seriously awesome looking pumpkin, and I can’t wait to see what our season brings here in NZ.

Whatever happens will keep you up to date

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