A New World Record – 2009 Ron Wallace

Well, that didn’t take long to break the world record again did it?

Ron Wallace and his world record 2009 pound pumpkin

Ron is a big name is the giant pumpkin growing circles in the US and is well known around the world, his brother Dick is also up there and no doubt had a helping hand in growing this massive pumpkin.

Not only did it break the world record, by a considerable amount, it is also the first pumpkin to have gone over 2000 pounds, the first pumpkin in history to be over a ton in weight.

To see some great photos of the pumpkin check out this link: http://www.bigpumpkins.com/ViewArticle.asp?id=175&gid=57

And here is the video of the weighing of the pumpkin.

Check out the weights on some of the other pumpkins grown, just amazing how big these are.

Where to from here?

For a long time, a one ton pumpkin was thought impossible, as there was a thinking there had to be a limit these pumpkins could grow to.  1500 pounds used to be the limit thought not achievable for giant pumpkins, but that got smashed, and who did that?  Ron Wallace of course.

I read somewhere his next goal is the 2500 pound pumpkin, with a track record of growing world record pumpkins, I have no doubt that he will be getting every possible amount of growth out of his pumpkin to move towards that goal.

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