Mathias Willemijns Live on Facebook – Date and Time

Mathias Willemijns, the guy that grew FOUR 2000lb+ pumpkins in one season as well holding the new world record at 2624lbs will be on Facebook doing a live chat and answering everyone’s pumpkin questions as well as talking about his season.

I have a sneaking suspicion Mathias knows what he is talking about.


Calm down my pumpkin growing friend, I’m getting there.

14th of January 10:00 pm Brussels time, which with the magic of the internet, using this tool works out to be January 15th 10:00 am New Zealand time.

If you’re from some other part of the world, sorry I didn’t work it out for you, just click that link above enter in the Brussels date and time and your location and it will give you the answer you seek.

It’s going to be on Facebook right here:

European Giant Vegetable Growers Association

I’ll also put out a reminder closer to the time.

It will be an awesome opportunity to hear from the best, I look forward to seeing you there.  Make sure to share this around with anyone you know that might be keen.


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