Happy New Year Giant Pumpkin Growers

Happy New Year and all that awesome stuff, welcome to 2017.

What’s been happening?

Well not too much, I haven’t managed to kill my plant yet and it’s looking a better colour than it was in the other update. It’s still small and stunted and that is to be expected when I am growing where I am currently growing. Only male flowers now, with females ready to appear any day now.

There are weeds again, there is always weeds, but I’m having fun and not taking this too seriously at the moment and just enjoying the sun and keeping busy.

I also chucked in another seedling at my daughter’s place and that is growing a lot better, amazing the difference a bit more soil makes, haha.  It’s growing in an established garden in case you were wondering what was going on in that photo.

No luck for some people

Some of the guys at my work took up the challenge of growing a giant for the first time, one plant has snapped due to the wind and the other one I heard about which was looking promising got eaten by his dog, something I haven’t heard of before.

That’s about it for this short update, let me know if there is something you want to see or know about especially if you are a newbie to this giant pumpkin growing lark.

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